Collection: Deepawali Decor

Introducing our Deepawali Decor Collection, Our exquisite diwali diya stand and candle holder is the perfect addition to your diya decoration and deepawali decoration needs. Our diwali diya stand doubles as a breathtaking diwali candle holder and diwali tea light holder. Experience the magic as our wall hanging diya holder casts a mesmerizing glow, illuminating your space with its intricate design, made from glass and metal. Celebrate the festival of lights in style with this stunning piece that seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary design. Enhance the ambiance of your space and create captivating displays with this versatile glass candle holder. Whether placed on your dining table, mantelpiece, or any focal point, its radiant glow will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Illuminate your home with our Deepawali Decor Collection and embrace the essence of Diwali.