Why Buy From Us?

Wood furniture is for sale everywhere these days  even between the produce and cereal aisles at the grocery store. Plus there are thousands of online stores offering wood furniture.

But if you’re investing in wood furniture that you’re going to want to keep long time , you’re probably looking for a company that knows a little extra something about real solid wood furniture. It’s hard to believe that an online store selling pet accessories and paper towels on one page and “fine furniture” on the next is going to be able to come through on all the details involved in building, customizing, shipping and delivering top quality, high end wood furniture.

At Jangir Decor, we are experts in finest Solid Sheesham wood furniture. It’s the only thing we sell. All of our furniture is handmade here in Rajasthan by  our craftspeople who have been making furniture for an average of over 7 generation  ago.

We’ve posted our Top Reasons to Buy Finest Solid Sheesham Wood Furniture From Us below, but mainly we want you to know that your complete satisfaction has always been the foundation of our growing business. We are committed to offering you the best values in real, Finest solid wood, Indian made, fine furniture and following that with the most diligent customer service in the industry.

Throughout our 7 generation as Jangir Decor, we have focused on building trusting relationships with our customers. We treat them with respect, integrity and honesty. We offer the finest high quality, environmentally friendly, Indian made, wood furniture products. Give us a call with your questions or concerns. We are eager to serve you. Now…

Top Reasons to Buy Furnitures from Jangir Decor

  1. The solid wood used by us undergoes a special process called seasoning and a chemical treatment which prevents damages and has its own special features.
  2. Jangir Decor is the Finest Solid Wood Furniture Capital in India and our furniture is handmade right here in the Rajasthan by us  from 1875. We are experts in solid wood furniture. It’s the only thing we sell. It’s what we know and what we believe in. And we’ll be here selling Solid Wood made furniture when your children and grandchildren are shopping for furniture to match the pieces you’ve handed down to them.
    • We are dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality and best value on fine wood furniture. Compare our prices and quality. We don’t think you’ll find lower prices for the level of quality, customization and service we offer, but if you do give us a call. We have a Low Price Guarantee on all Furniture and we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations in the pricing of all our Solid Wood made furniture lines.
    • We offer Free shipping and delivery and we are experts in shipping fine handmade furniture. We have shipped to All Over India.
    • Our furniture is made with finest solid wood that is sustainably harvested from regional forests in India. No imported or rare or endangered rainforest woods are used in our furniture. It is organic, natural and finished with non-toxic family-friendly finishes.
    1. In that spirit of both environmental and economic sustainability, we are committed to the promotion of Indian made furniture. Our business is growing and customers can be proud that their purchase is creating new Indian jobs, while preserving next generations furniture.
    2. When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person who is an expert on high quality, Wooden made finest Solid wood furniture We understand the construction strategies and methods for each of our furniture lines, including the use of solid woods versus high quality. We can advise you on wood species, wood finishes, shipping options, lead times, construction details, furniture comparisons, pricing and more.
    3. We use a portion of the profits from our wood furniture to conserve forests, plant trees and save endangered species from going extinct due to habitat destruction.